Ryan Cunningham

Hi, I’m Ryan.  I’m on a mission to explore the intellectual mess of why we buy and say what we think and feel.  That makes me:

  • A believer in brands
  • A fascinated observer of people
  • A reluctant optimist who’s convinced that the gap between self-interested private lives and planet-respecting mutual prosperity is the most interesting communication challenge of our time

If you’re looking for conventional info about my background and my role in the world of brand strategy, try here.  There are, however, at least three additional things you should know before perusing this blog:

  1. I love junkyards. I find it simultaneously cathartic and empowering to trudge through the muddy antithesis of the gas-powered American dream in search of overlooked solutions.
  2. I take great comfort in headlamps, for reasons not unrelated.  The stresses of domestic life are calmed by faith in the perpetual proximity of 21 hours of hands-free, LED-powered illumination with optional beacon-blinking functionality.  Like many owners of cordless drills and REI memberships, I have an embellished self-concept of my own survival skills — a fantasy largely maintained by a growing arsenal of  equipment.
  3. I don’t believe in new ideas. Pure inspiration was depleted as a raw material ages ago.  Creativity is an act of innovative recombination more than immaculate conception.

This isn’t another frustrated-deskchair-pundit-masquerading-as-a-category-expert blog.  This is a heap of things that were interesting to me in the moment and might be useful again someday. Novel tools, bits of information and random observations.  It’s a loosely organized quest to bring cohesion to the discordant directions of my personal and professional lives.  With luck, you or I might stumble across something useful here.

If you beat me to it, let me know.


thoughts at the collision of business, brand and creativity

I'm Ryan Cunningham. I help companies and culture play nice with each other. At CREATURE we call this Brand Strategy, a term that carries a nice halo of reliability and structure. Here, I'm just another guy who thinks about the world and writes it down from time to time.

The result is a pile of knowledge to be used in, and for, the future. Feel free to sift through the heap for useful connections.

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