1 in 45,000: The Clutter of Urgency

A BBC article caught my eye the other day: a group highly reputable scientists and astronauts are lobbying the UN to lead a major international effort against the threat of asteroids striking the planet.  They calculate a 1 in 45,000 chance that such an impact will occur when a particular asteroid passes close to the earth in less than 20 years.  No doubt such an ‘event’ would be catastrophic, and if there really are viable defense measures (aside from sending Bruce Willis into space) we should certainly pursue them.

But I won’t hold my breath for sweeping action.  Add this to the mile-long list of distant impending catastrophes that play out in imaginations and compete for resources.  The sky has been falling for centuries; doomsday narratives only play well with a certain niche and end up inspiring more skepticism than useful preparation in the mass audience.  Every new danger only adds to the broader cacophony of ambiguous threats made and consequences undelivered.

How do you brand the off chance of utter tragedy?

© Ryan Cunningham 2008

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