Out of Touch

Newsflash: the local news in Pasadena is written by part-timers living in Southern India who watch city council meeting web streams and regurgitate press releases.

The idea was dismissed as a joke and decried as the grimy end to journalistic integrity when it was first brought up over a year ago.  But now bigger news outlets, including one owned by the chairman of the AP, are considering following suit.  And it turns out that Reuters has been doing this with Wall Street reporting since ’04.

It seems this is the story to many morals, depending on where you’re sitting.  For the Robertsons, Giddens, and Harvey’s of the world, this is a great way to revel in wonky terms like glocalization and time-space compression.  It also works for foregone conclusions of the bitter, self-defeating newspaper nostalgists.  And the pseudo-ethnocentric job-loss lamenters.

Choose your own conclusion in search of a justification.

In bonus irony, Maureen Dowd’s column on the topic (1st link above), which appeared in yesterday’s NY Times, was quickly reprinted with highly questionable permission by the Bangkok Post.

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