Caring > Understanding

Stumbled across a report (pdf) released earlier this year by brand research firm Cone and Boston College exploring the gap between consumers’ response to green marketing claims and actual comprehension of their significance.  The paradox, as argued by one observer: people care about green and feel they have a grasp on the big picture, and yet they don’t understand commonly used phrases.  30% of consumers are still confused by the phrase ‘Fair Trade Certified,’ 36% want more information than the badge and another 15% think it’s a misleading label.

So much for the power of ingredient brands.  This is the essential problem with meta-brand green — too many cooks and too many ingredients.  Too many labels.  Sustainable.  Eco-friendly.  Conservation.  Light green.  Dark green.  LOHAS.  LEED-Certified.  Organic.  Certified Organic.  CFL.  PZEV.  Ecomagination.  Environmentality.  I’ll save you the next five dozen.

Let’s stop coming up with the next great American sub-brand and start creating stories that communicate effectively.

© Ryan Cunningham 2008

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I'm Ryan Cunningham. I help companies and culture play nice with each other. At CREATURE we call this Brand Strategy, a term that carries a nice halo of reliability and structure. Here, I'm just another guy who thinks about the world and writes it down from time to time.

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