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Tom Friedman posted this question (related to his new book) on LinkedIn two weeks ago:

Will the financial crisis be the end of green, or could green be the way to end the economic crisis?

The question is part of a strategy to tap user-gen content in a web-only book update that has to be at least partly marketing-motivated… the asking itself is interesting, but not terribly remarkable.

What’s compelling is that at least 655 business-minded networkers want to talk about it.

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thoughts at the collision of business, brand and creativity

I'm Ryan Cunningham. I help companies and culture play nice with each other. At CREATURE we call this Brand Strategy, a term that carries a nice halo of reliability and structure. Here, I'm just another guy who thinks about the world and writes it down from time to time.

The result is a pile of knowledge to be used in, and for, the future. Feel free to sift through the heap for useful connections.

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