First major national paper goes paperless

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NYTimes reported yesterday that the Christian Science Monitor — one of the nation’s leading newspapers with a hundred-year history in print — will stop printing daily editions and focus almost entirely on its online publishing operations.  It’s an effort to save costs and consolidate revenues that only CSM can swing at this point (its church-backed nonprofit status and already-shriveled readership make it a special case) but it’s a decision that many other embattled papers may soon find themselves facing.

Why has the news market been so slow to adapt to a new media landscape?  Is this a quartet on the Titanic, or a long-overdue shift to a better-adapted future?

I’ll be watching this closely over the next few months as I’m currently wrapped up in a relevant spec-work brand strategy project for a master’s branding class.  The subject?  An even more embattled paper–the LA Times.  Stay tuned.

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